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Saving Story

Five Stars!!! Our experience was fantastic! Every step from the consultation session to the final inspection was painless and professionally executed.

I could not be happier with Northern Solar.

Valencia, Sungai Buloh

System Specs : 17.28kWp Solar PV

Before Solar

  • RM1200
  • RM1000
  • RM800
  • RM0
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar


After Solar

  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun


Monthly Savings


Average quarterly energy bill

How do Solar Panels Work?


Solar panels absorb and convert sunlight into electricity.


Solar inverter convert the output from direct to alternating current which is usable power.


The alternating current will then transmit to the main distribution board (DB) box to supply electricity to your house’s appliances.


The energy produced from the solar PV installation will be consumed first, and any excess will be exported to TNB with credit in return, for an offset basis.


The energy produced from the solar PV installation will be self-consumed ONLY, and any excess will not be allowed to export.

Top Reliable Services

Latest Solar Technology

We provide the latest solar system technology for our customer.

( PV Panel, PV Inverter, Mounting Structure, Monitoring System & etc. )

Strong In-House

We provide installation, operation & maintenance with our in-house team.


We customize engineering design to meet customer energy-saving targets.

Levels Of Customer Support

We provide multi levels of support to our customers.

( Online Monitoring System, Fault Analysis, On-site Repairs & Spare Parts Management )

Operation & Maintenance

We provides complete solar O&M services to our clients to maximize the performance of its solar system. The O&M team ensures maximum productivity and consistency across the entire system and service we deliver.

  • Cleaning the Surface of the Solar PV Panels
  • Wiring management & Checking
  • Performance Record & Report
  • Monitoring Inspection
  • Warranty Claim Administration (if needed)

What Our Customers Say

My experience with Northern Solar from initial contact, to site analysis to determine size and placement, payback projection and final installation was transparent, understandable and enjoyable.


(11.99 kWp)

Northern Solar designed and installed a great system for our home. Averaged over the month, it will offset close to RM800 of our electricity bill. They took care of all the details so we didn't have to worry about anything! All the staff are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.


(11.99 kWp)

Five Stars!!! Our experience was fantastic! From the info session to the final inspection every step was perfectly painless and professionally executed. I could not be happier with Northern Solar.

Valencia, Sungai Buloh

(17.44 kWp)

Appreciate the excellent attention and service Northern Solar provide to their own customers.

Kuala Ketil, Kedah

(8.17 kWp)

We’re actually saving about RM350++ a month on our TNB bill from what it used to be. And it was shocking to see one month our bill was only RM 3. Even in previous month, it got up to about RM 25 as we have guest coming. We love showing off our bill because people don’t really believe it.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

(7.08 kWp)

All the guys on your team were great to work with. I would highly recommend Northern Solar for their professionalism and courtesy.

Saujana Melawati, Kuala Lumpur

(4.9 kWp)

We had been considering solar power for quite some time, and having Northern Solar's representative explain their system to us, we knew this was exactly what we had been looking for. The communication before and during installation and the actual installation itself was amazing! Northern Solar's installation crew are truly professionals. We would definitely recommend Northern Solar to anyone.

Sunway Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh

(9.26 kWp)

How to Apply?

Are you excited and intend to own your personal renewable energy? Here are the details on how you can sign up for local renewable energy.

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What's my payment method?

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Latest 3 months of TNB bills

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Northern Solar offers a range of solar solutions, so there's one to suit your business' budget and financial situation. Whether the business goal is to maximise financial returns or find an easy solar solution to save money for your business and help the environment, there is a solution that would work for you.

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