Growatt wins ‘pv magazine Award 2022’ for its APX HV battery - Northern Solar Northern Solar

The world’s leading distributed energy solution provider, Growatt, has recently won the pv magazine Award 2022 with its latest innovative APX HV Battery.

This award recognizes the novel product as a trailblazer in the energy storage sector that will help households worldwide upgrade their solar storage experience to a stronger, safer, and easier level.

Growatt is dedicated to building the world’s largest intelligent sustainable energy ecosystem, and smart solutions for the home have historically been the company’s sweet spot. This can also be seen with the APX HV battery, which features a modular level energy optimizer, cloud battery management system (BMS) technology and, last but not least, five levels of protection to provide peace of mind to the people living in the smart home,” commented Eckhart K. Gouras, Publisher and Managing Director at pv magazine.

This new APX HV Battery was launched to the market last December, applying a major revolution called Soft-switching Parallel Connection Technology that sets the solution apart. This battery solution eliminates the energy mismatch effect between battery modules, and enables each module to be fully charged and discharged independently, thus supporting modules of different SoC (state of charge) in one system. This means easier inventory and distribution management for distributors and greater flexibility of installation and expansion for installers.

In particular, it removes the pre-charging step that is necessary for conventional energy storage solutions, and along with its plug-and-play feature, it reduces the efforts and time needed in installation, system extension and maintenance for installers and integrators. It also features a redundancy design that prevents system shutdown from a defective pack.

The APX HV system improves its safety performance to the ultimate degree, integrating a five-level protection including the cell-level active BMS, the module-level energy optimizer and fire protection with aerosols, along with a rapid arc fault protection and a replaceable fuse to protect the system.

Growatt has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Shenzhen just over twelve years ago. It has shipped its products to almost every country on the planet and is becoming a key driver in transitioning from a world built on fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy,” Gouras concluded.


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