Quality Over Quantity

Northernsolar makes Renewable energy easier than ever before.


Free Consultation (System & Loan)

Northernsolar provides free consultation that helps you to discover the root cause of your worry and uncover a customised solution.

Up to 90% Energy Savings

Look outside your pool of traditional vendors, saving money on energy supplies assists to optimize your resources as a business owner.

Free assess management & Study

This assessment test will help you find out what solar tools fit your residential or commercial area.

ROI = 3years ++

By investing recycle energy in your company, business owner could expect to see a higher ROI for their money lasting at least 3.8 years.

Free design cost

A full guide to the FREE OF CHARGE costs of design, including office, factory etc, no matter how much do design agencies charge.

1-3 days installation

We propose a wide range of proven, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions allowing a fast installation within 1-3 days installation

How to apply?

Are you excited and intend to own your personal renewable energy? Below are the details on how you can sign up for local renewable energy!!!

What's my payment method?

  1. Credit card
  2. Loan payment
  3. Cash payment

What's the document required?

  1. Photocopy of I.C.
  2. Latest 3 months of TNB bills

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